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Personal lines of credit can be a source of quick funds, but they have a few drawbacks.

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It's possible to improve your credit even before the bankruptcy is off your record. Here's how.

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Retiring to a tropical paradise may not be as relaxing as the brochure promised.

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Do homemade cleaners really work? And if so, are they worth the effort?

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To avoid tax when withdrawing those nondeductible contributions from your IRA, use this form.

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Be as smart with your banking data as you are with your cash. Shield yourself from thieves.

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A trust that saves on taxes could wind up being costly at home insurance claim time.

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If you're tired of being a slave to creditors, here's a plan to help you break free.

California home of NFL star Terrell Owens for sale, Mon, 06 Jul 2015

Don't hold out for this one. Owens is selling his gigantic home and his gigantic shoe collection.

9 cash-saving strategies that pay big bucks, Mon, 06 Jul 2015

Cutting expenses can pay big dividends if you invest the savings and let them compound.

Does employer match count toward 401(k) limit?, Mon, 06 Jul 2015

There's a limit on your 401(k) contributions, but your employer's don't count toward that limit.

9 ways to go to college for free, Fri, 03 Jul 2015

There are ways to sidestep college tuition. Find one that works for you.

What to do with savings bonds from childhood, Fri, 03 Jul 2015

You've matured, but maybe not those savings bonds you received as a kid.

Use a Coverdell account for children's education, Fri, 03 Jul 2015

This education savings account helps you save for schooling from kindergarten through college.

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A car's fuel economy rarely meets the EPA's results. Here's why it often falls short.

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Thinking of buying a car? On July Fourth, buyers show their patriotism at dealerships.

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Your credit will take a hit, but things might not be as bad as you expect.