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740 credit score is mortgage sweet spot, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Credit score requirements for mortgages have inched up over the years.

Properly defined dependents can pay off at tax time, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Kids depend on you for a lot, but at tax time they could pay off when you claim them as dependents.

7 crucial facts about FHA loans, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

FHA loans play a vital role in today's real estate market. Here are seven important facts to know.

Paperwork you need to get a home mortgage, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Do you have strong credit? You'll still need to jump through hoops to secure a home loan.

4 secrets to budgeting for a home purchase, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

A good budget plan begins before a homebuyer makes an offer. These tips can help.

For PITI's sake: Mortgage acronyms defined, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Think HUD-1 is what a quarterback says? Learn the definitions for 17 mortgage acronyms.

Video: Saving for a goal, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

If you want to save for a goal, you have to pass up the now for the future. Here's how.

What if your house spent like the White House?, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

What would your household budget look like if you had Obama's spending priorities?

Joan Rivers' NYC penthouse for sale, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Are you "Fashion"-able enough for this elaborate abode? Take a peek at Rivers' posh pad.

What do financial advisers get asked about IRAs?, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

IRA rules can be tricky. Advisers answer questions at all levels, from beginner to advanced.

Get your child to amass millions with a Roth IRA, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

If you help your child open a Roth IRA, it can start them on the path toward wealth.

Does home insurance cover termite damage?, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Hungry termites can be a "bore." Find out if a homeowners policy "wood" cover the damage.

The surprising cost of replacing cashier's check, Mon, 02 Mar 2015

Here's what to expect if you lose a cashier's check and need a replacement from the bank.

Video: Save on organic food, Sun, 01 Mar 2015

Here are some ways to get organic foods you want without breaking your budget.

Video: Ways to save money on food preservation, Sat, 28 Feb 2015

Lengthen the life of your food and broaden your budget with proper food preservation.

Does employer match count toward 401(k) limit?, Fri, 27 Feb 2015

There's a limit on your 401(k) contributions, but your employer's don't count toward that limit.

The pros and cons of investing in gold, Fri, 27 Feb 2015

Gold bars, gold mines, gold stocks, gold funds: For every upside, there's a downside.

How to adjust your withholding, Fri, 27 Feb 2015

Are you getting a big tax refund? You may want to adjust your withholding.

Will the Supreme Court kill Obamacare?, Fri, 27 Feb 2015

See what's at stake as the health care law faces a new challenge at the Supreme Court.

6 cars to covet from the Detroit auto show, Fri, 27 Feb 2015

Dream about driving these snazzy cars introduced at the Detroit auto show.